Little Performers
3-6 Years

We run 90 minute sessions for our Little Performers, working on the basics in all three disciplines, through creative play and imagination, allowing your children to build in confidence. 

Junior/Inter Performers
6-14 Years

Our Junior Performers explore and develop their skills in dancing, singing and acting, all in one 3-hour session. Our ethos is to nurture every single child and allow them to blossom.

Senior Performers
14 Years +

In our 3 hour sessions, we take our Senior Performers to the next level, preparing them either for a future in the performing arts or just a chance to challenge themselves further.

What is it we do?

Here at HKPA, we offer many different opportunities all under one roof. Our core offering is centred around Dance, Vocal and Acting training, being the key elements of Performing Arts. We also offer holiday schools, one-to-one coaching in each discipline and training in LAMDA qualifications.

Dance Training

Learning to dance and achieving the right technique can be tough, but here at HKPA we work to ensure it’s also fun. Dancing is more than just the steps. Our focus also includes pushing our students performance ability during each routine. We cover a vast range of styles and ensure that every single child is challenged to be the best they can be .

Vocal Training

Singing is a key part to any performance in Musical Theatre. At HKPA, we approach it in such a way, that teaches your children to use their voice effectively and safely, while having a great time and giving them the confidence they deserve. 

Acting Training

Acting training is the bread and butter of any musical, play or film and the element that pieces the entire performance together. Because of that, we ensure that our focus is always exploring different elements of acting, from scene work to characterisation, improvisation and having a professional understanding of the workings of a stage.

Holiday Schools

We run Holiday schools every Easter and Summer holiday. Not only do we always have a great time putting on our “Show in a Week” but our students leave having made new lasting friendships. It’s always amazing to see how fantastic the children do in such a short period of time. Find out more and join us for all the fun!

LAMDA Qualifications

Want to obtain qualifications in the Performing Arts? We also offer our students the opportunity to go through LAMDA training with our dedicated teachers. We cover both Musical Theatre LAMDA and Drama LAMDA grading.

Performance Troupe

Not enough performing for you? No problem, we also have a Performance Troupe, where children have the opportunities to perform at external events. The focus for each piece is not putting together a show, but an emotive performance that connects with the audience.

What we excel at


We ensure that our teachers are not only exceptional at what they do, but they work with your children to help their ability and confidence grow as one.


We believe that learning is much easier if your child is happy. Therefore, this is at the forefront of our minds each and every week. Our aim is to send them home smiling!


We make sure that each and every child receives the same focus from every teacher and are all given opportunities to improve to the best of their ability. 


We also recognise that each child is different and are their own individual. As such, we believe it’s vitally important for them to come and be who they want to be in our safe space.


We are fully aware that you as parents are entrusting us with your child. As a result, our top priority is to make sure each child feels safe and comfortable helping them to relax, let go and unlock their potential.


Our approach pays off a hundred times over, as each child forms relationships and bonds with their peers, creating a family-like atmosphere. This leads to a team ethic during performances and shows.

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Talent Doesn’t Just Stop at HKPA

Affiliations and Collaborations to help our students and young adults in need

We are extremely excited and proud that we are working with the talent agency PD Management. A place that shares our values and ethos and strives to do the best by their talented young stars.

We are also humbled to the working with such an amazing charity such as THINK18.

THINK18 were set up to support young adults (16 – 35 years) with learning disabilities in the UK.


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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our families say:

My son has studied with Holly for over 10 years and she is without a doubt one of the most positive role models in his life. Holly naturally ensures every child knows they are equally valued and provides a safe and positive environment in which they can enjoy themselves and thrive.

She is constantly exploring new and exciting opportunities for the children and has enviable levels of talent, passion and commitment. I absolutely credit Holly (and team) with helping my 14 year old become the very best version of himself and know this is a sentiment shared by many other parent about their children and their experience at Holly’s school.


Holly is the most wonderful teacher and mentor. My daughter has grown beyond belief in both confidence and ability whilst attending Holly’s stage school and this is due to the care, nurture and amazing teaching she has received. It is pure joy to see and we feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to send our child here. 


What Holly and her team accomplish is nothing short of incredible. Having been apart of Holly’s school for over 9 years, I’ve watched my children blossom in both ability and confidence.

The level of care and commitment that is shown week in, week out to help the children just be who they want to be is a breath of fresh air. With all the pressures of the outside world children face, it’s so important they have a space where they can be themselves with no judgement and Holly provides that space and then some.

Couldn’t recommend enough!