Enrolling your child with Holly King Performing Arts Academy (“HKPA”) means you agree to the following terms and conditions as laid out within this document and upon enrolling your child, you sign your agreement accordingly.

This agreement is valid at all times whilst the your child is enrolled on any HKPA class and until written notice is given as outlined below.


1.1  To enable a student to join HKPA, all parents are required to agree to these Terms & Conditions by ticking the appropriate acceptance box when completing our online application form. Upon any requirement to update these Terms & Conditions, we will seek further approval from all parents, where changes affect them.

1.2  Class refers to the weekly classes or Holiday School, your child has been enrolled onto which will be delivered during the specified Term. These classes will take place for the timescale explained for that class at the time of enrolment. This information will be communicated to you, found on our website and portal.


2.1  To enrol a child on a HKPA class or holiday school, the parent must agree to these Terms & Conditions via the online registration form on our website.

2.2  Places for our classes are allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. If we are currently operating to capacity, and therefore unable to enrol your child, we reserve the right, with prior approval to add the student to our waiting list and contacted at a later date, when a place at your chosen venue and time becomes available.

2.3  Information relating to term dates, class times and student fees, while all available on our website, will be reiterated at the time of enrolment within our acceptance communication. An invoice will accompany this communication.


3.1  Once enrolled on a class, we will communicate our term dates for the following term will be made known in writing and via our portal.

3.2  When enrolling more than 1 student from the same family, HKPA will apply a 50% sibling discount to the subsequent students following the 1 st registration. This 50% discount is for Junior and Senior Performers only. Little Performers siblings will receive a 15% discount as per the terms set out above. 

3.3  HKPA require notification in writing before the 6 th week of classes, that a student will not be returning the following term. If this requirement isn’t met, we will automatically enrol the student. If you then notify HKPA that you do not wish for the automatic enrolment after the 6 th week of classes, you will then be liable to pay 50% of a full terms fees. This is regardless whether the student attends classes or not.

3.4  We reserve the right to make changes to any of the following when circumstances are beyond our control:

  • Class times
  • Our teaching staff
  • Venue
  • Class delivery – i.e. moving to online Zoom classes in the event we have no other choice.

3.5  Where a class has to be cancelled, we will notify you as early as possible. You will be notified by either, email, text message, notification through the portal or via our social media outlets. Parents must ensure that they keep their contact details up-to-date, of which changes can be made via our portal.

If a cancellation does have to take place due to circumstances outside of our control, HKPA will provide replacement classes. This will be either at the end of the current term of added onto the following term. We may have to use either an alternative time, venue or move to online.

3.6  We may refuse entry to our classes if it is felt that your child’s behaviour is unacceptable. We will, however, endeavour to work with you as parents before this step is taken.


4.1  Parents will be notified via email, as well as expected to monitor our portal for upcoming Holiday Schools. Dates and times of these Schools are released on our portal in advance.

4.2  The sibling discounts detailed in 3.2 are not applicable for Holiday Schools, however, instead we do offer a £20 sibling discount in this instance. As per 3.2 when enrolling more than 1 student onto a Holiday School, the £20 discount applies to the subsequent students following the 1 st registration.

4.3  If you cancel your child’s place on a Holiday School within 14 days of the commencement date of the Holiday School, you will be required to pay 50% of the total fee due. Enrolling your child onto one of our Holiday Workshops, confirms your agreements to this cancellation notice.


5.1 For our termly Classes, full payment from the parent is required by week 3 of each term your student is signed up with HKPA. Any payments that are deemed late will be subject to a £50 late fee charge. This is required, unless the parent has signed to monthly payments split across the year. The payment can be made by any of the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card via Stripe
  • Bank transfer
  • Standing Order
  • Direct Debit

5.2  For payments in relation to Holiday Schools, full payment from the payment is required 3 weeks before the start of the School dates, as detailed to you in writing and on our portal. Any payment that are deemed late will be subject to a £10 late fee charge and your students place will be offered to waiting list students.

5.3  Where payments in clause 3.1 are being made via monthly payments, the monthly cost will be the cost of a years classes divided by 12 months. If at any point during that year, the student leaves HKPA, the full payment of the outstanding balance due to HKPA for the term they are attending will be required.

5.4  If your child is unable to attend a class, due to sickness, holiday or you’ve decided not to attend that week, HKPA will be unable to refund any payment for those classes missed.

5.5  Our termly fees for classes are reviewed annually and may be increased each year, at which point you will be notified of such increases.


6.1  Yours and your child’s personal data (as defined in the UK GDPR) will be processed by HKPA and held within our back-office system, Class Manager, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website. 


7.1  Children participate in HKPA classes at their own risk. You are obliged to inform any of our staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions. Medical conditions must be stated within the online application form at the time of registering. This ensures HKPA are aware from the outset and can tailor to your child’s needs. If any changes to such information occur during your tenure at HKPA, we must be notified in writing.

7.2  If you are unsure whether your child should take part in any class due to the above injury or medical condition, please consult your GP before enrolment.

7.3  If medication is to be left on the premises during HKPA classes, then you must clearly label and your child should, unless prior agreement from HKPA has been obtained, be able to administer it themselves. We can assist in any administering requirements where appropriate, and approval obtained.

7.4  Uniform and appropriate footwear must be worn by all students for our classes. Holiday Schools are more relaxed and therefore uniform isn’t required.

7.5  Upon your child being unwell or has had an accident requiring emergency treatment, we will contact you via the emergency contact details provided on your enrolment application. Please ensure that this number is always contactable whilst your child is at HKPA classes. Multiple numbers can be provided on the enrolment form to ensure we are able to contact someone in this event.

7.6  As the parent, you are responsible for ensuring that your child’s emergency contact details are up to date on our systems. These can be changed on our portal. HKPA accept no responsibility for these details being up to date.

7.7  We ensure that any online sessions provided are recorded and held for the remainder of the term. We do this to make sure appropriate safeguarding procedures are followed and to review quality.


8.1  Your child is responsible for their own belongings. While we will endeavour to return any lost items to their rightful owner, we accept no liability for lost or damaged belongings.

8.2  We acknowledge that any liability of HKPA and any of its staff will be restricted to class times only and then only as a result of gross negligence on our part.


9.1  The agreement shall be governed by, and understood in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales and any dispute, proceedings or claim shall fall within the jurisdiction of the English courts.